It was complicated for Catherine, as a mother, to find a gift idea for her son, for her husband and for her dad. It was therefore quite naturally that the idea of ​​creating Klubb came to him.

Klubb was therefore created in 2017 by Catherine in the center of Le Mans. Klubb was born with the idea of ​​designing a masculine boutique spirit , in order to arrive at a boutique where you can find the item that makes the difference. Whether for everyday clothing or a gift idea .

Initially Catherine begins the adventure alone, supported by her husband Olivier who brings her his masculine eye. Then was quickly joined by Louis, her son, at the end of 2019 by mixing her student career and the shop.

Catherine and Olivier's idea was to create a unique place in Le Mans , a boutique spirit where you can find the little detail that you can't find anywhere in the idea of ​​pleasing , a trendy place , a place that makes you want to come and have a good time .

Klubb is more than just a shop, it is above all a family adventure.


Klubb is located in the city center of Le Mans , world famous for its famous 24-hour race, but also for its Gallo-Roman city, and of course… ITS FAMOUS RILLETTES.

You can find trendy brands (Barbour, Deus Ex Machina, Rains, Faguo, ...), gift ideas, accessories all around men and their passions. With made in France, but not only.


The Klubbists are united around a common passion.

The Klubbist spirit is the fact that the son, like the father and the grandfather, find themselves around a brand, an object. But beware, a Klubbiste likes fun, is elegant, goes fishing, likes good meat, but must also know how to get back to vegetables to fit into his M t-shirt bought before confinement.

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